About us

Our company

Brightway is an HR platform for Nordic businesses.

Truly local, proudly Nordic

Since our establishment, our dealings with our clients, candidates and staff have been guided by the principles of consensus, fairness and decency. An equal opportunities employer, our watchwords are integrity and transparency.

Truly local, proudly Nordic

Innovative, Social & Digital

We like to stay updated and curious on all exciting new tech, LEAN processes and methods available to make our work and your service as smooth as possible. Digitalizing where it makes sense and taking the creative approach when we can.

Innovative, Social & Digital

Brightway care

Our latest CSR project was carried out in 2017 with the Estonian My Dream Day foundation (Minu Unistuste Päev) which makes dreams come true for seriously or chronic ill children in treatment at Estonian hospitals. We were proud to have the foundation in our office over two days and assisting them in our their search for a new team member.

Brightway care

Our History

Our heritage

Truly local, proudly Nordic

When Glasford International Estonia was founded by Jaakko Lehto & his son Ilkka Lehto in 2005, Jaakko was already a well know entrepreneur in the field of executive search in Helsinki, Finland, having built his own agency from scratch in 1978 to success. Fast forward to 2014 and a need to surrender to demand led to the birth of Brightway. Founded by Ilkka Lehto, Brightway works closely together with our sister company Glasford.

Our history

Brightway is founded

A surrender to demand

Instead of turning down requests for staffing and consultant assignments not fit for an executive search company, Brightway was founded in 2014 to be able to continue providing a service built on Nordic ethics and values and carry over the long history of high quality service from the executive roots to staffing.

Brightway office

Brightway today

Connects the Nordics with Tallinn, Riga and Warsaw

Is run by a Scandinavian management team that today serves mainly Nordic but also international companies in the Baltic region and Poland. With strong Nordic values and strong local knowledge, we serve our clients that put equal emphasis on human values and business ethics.

Brightway today

Brightway tomorrow

Staying innovative in the future of work

Having fun with ideas for improvements at work is a big part of our culture. No idea is too small or too wild to be entertained. Be it with Virtual Reality, other improvements provided by tech or constantly refreshing how we work to guarantee or clients and candidates the best service and experience. Being innovative is a mindset and Brightway of tomorrow will be the leaders of crafting a future together with the workplaces of tomorrow.

Brightway tomorrow


Our service

A first class client & candidate experience

We see every partnership with our clients and candidates as a journey in business class. We understand that quality for you means to get to your destination in time with a service that makes you feel comfortable and secure. In case of any bumps on the road during the journey, our team is there to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Warm & Professional

At Brightway we value the human touch and we are all about quality and sustainable connections with candidates and companies, to create the optimal win-win-win situations. We want your experience with us to be truly professional with a touch of warm personality.


Our story in pictures

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