Interim solutions

Interim management

When you need someone to fill in that critical gap or drive change.

Value from flexibility

Many companies use interim managers in times of big organizational changes when many uncomfortable decisions has to be made. Interim managers often prove to be more flexible and used to change management. An interim solution can also prove to be valuable for a company in times of merger or transition, where taking on a new team member that has “been there before” can add invaluable experience to the process.

Flexible interim solutions

Interim manager profile

Some of the key skills needed to be an interim manager.



A minimum of 10-15 years experience

Proven track record

Proven track record

Proven track record in leading positions

Flexible and adaptable


Flexible and adaptable


Overcome challenges

Able to quickly take on complex challenges


Communication skills

Effective communication skills


Result driven

Result driven mentality

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