Good vibes!

If you read our blog post from Friday, there was a line on a good-vibe meeting we had last week.

The meeting was with the Estonian foundation, Minu Unistuste Päev, which fulfills dreams of severely and chronically ill children.

Now, what could we meet about? Well, they are looking for a new Communications Manager to join their team in Tallinn, and we want to lend any help and support to the cause in the best way we can – recruitment! This was a fantastic chance for us to join their group of supporters! (and we urge any other company to join in) Help us, help this fantastic cause, and spread the word! You can find the job here:

You can also contact the General Manager, Kristiina Gabor-Mägi, directly:


Did you share the position? Not yet? Do it and get this week off to a flying positive start!


Welcome to Brightway, 2017

New year, new look, digitalization & a day at the Nordic Business forum in Stockholm.

Just a quick welcome-to-our-new-website post!

Not only are we sporting a new look on the web for 2017, we have also put a lot of effort into revamping our digital capabilities and presence, partnering up with some innovative software providers (we promise to tell you more about that in a later post) to make sure we not only provide a high quality service, but also have the best tools to connect with the right people.

Besides being busy with technology and innovating, we have been running a lot of inspiring assignments across our offices. Browse over to our career page to see what we are looking for at the moment: Career Page

We also had the great joy to attend the first Nordic Business Forum held in Stockholm a few weeks ago. A fantastic and inspiring event where we got to listen to the former CEO and founder of YouTube, Chad Hurley, talk about his journey. Andre Agassi shared his thoughts on life, and Finnish author/speaker, Linda Liukas, really warmed the stage with her presence. We left the event with new found inspiration and motivation. Head over to their page and reserve your spot for the events in 2017, we highly recommend it! (and let’s meet up if you go!)

We have also closed a very inspiring/good-vibe-partnership during this week – stay tuned for an update on that!

Warm winter-wishes from the freezing North!

(who has the best moves?)



Open for new opportunities? Then do not miss this LinkedIn-function!

If you are reading this, the chance is big that you are looking for a new opportunity to boost your career or just want to change things up. Updating your LinkedIn profile to match your ambitions is a great first step, but can also be noticed by your manager, co-workers or recruiters at your company.

But now there is a way to notify LinkedIn that you are interested in new opportunities, without notifying your existing connections.


  1. Go to the Jobs tab
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Enter what you are looking for


And while you are there, do not forget to follow us: Brightway Recruitment

There you go. What’s your next move?